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Hehe yes, I've been producing hardstyle lately, as for the topic starter yes, visual basic 14 2015 however, did you install ll the 64 bit required files or the 32?
Been busy lately with all kinds of things so could not reply sooner. Again i did a fresh pull, did git submodule update --init
Ofc even before i have downloaded and installed both 32 and 64bit versions of 2008,2010,2012,2013,2015 redistributables
and yes i always do clean solution before building. In Cmake this time i selected everything to be generated including without git and tools, warnings etc.
On Building got no errors, just some warnings like this: warning C4267: 'return': conversion from 'size_t' to 'uint32', possible loss of data (compiling source file C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\ElunaTrinityWotlk\src\serve r\game\World\World.cpp)

This time both auth and worldserver got built as well as lua_scripts folder.
Everything looks like it will work fine. will download latest TC db and set all files up and test it, but im sure it will work now.