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    I am developing a CMS, it's going to be very simple with a nice design.
    Easy to study and easy to modify.

    Current features:
    How to connect page
    News/home page
    Server status checker (Is server online or offline?)
    Top 5 Players
    Update checker (Will display an update message on every page with download link, this will be moved to admin panel when that's created.)
    DB Installer (So you dont need to import SQL manually & config)
    Online Players

    Planned features:
    Admin panel
    GM panel
    User panel

    Feel free to edit however you want, or study.



    Changelog style edited.
    Added session checking in nav.php
    Changed 5 random players block to TOP 5 Players descending order by total kills.
    Added Online Players page.
    Added Navigation tab for Online Players.
    Added Navigation icon.
    Table added to Online Players page.
    Added Player name, Class, Level, Zone, Latency and kills as headers.
    Added PHP script that collects and outputs the data.
    **Online Players page has not been tested, i do not run a local server anymore, so i have no place to test on. If you have a server or you can send me a pm with a screenshot of your characters database while someone is online, that would be awesome. :) **
    Official website is online and functioning again.
    Added more options in the installer.
    -Added option to select a Characters database
    -Added option to select an auth database.
    Fixed few CSS problems
    Added copyright footer
    Installer adds "web_admin" column in auth->account
    -0=Not showing any, aka just a player.
    Registration now inserts the value "0" to web_admin upon registration
    Admin panel folder added
    Admin panel menu button added.
    Security update for registration (Tested and should be working)
    Paging system implemented
    Fixed includes
    Changelog started
    Added <!DOCTYPE html> to beginning of page..
    Fixed some styling that was wrong
    Fixed the config installer, pulling data from wrong domain
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