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Disclaimer: I did not compile the code or anything

is there a typo here?

I think the warnings come from unused creature variables you have.
And from the double to float conversion from 0.7, need to use 0.7f if float is needed.

You should probably move

into the .cpp file. There are reasons why TC did it to all their singletons.
You can look example from ObjectMgr.h and cpp for the instance member function.
See this commit for more info: https://github.com/TrinityCore/Trini...ab5c6dc7bbbdd1

Also, while I am at it, you can probably change this sMapStore.LookupEntry(player->GetMapId())->Instanceable() to this player->GetMap()->Instanceable() for faster check, though the benefit is negligible. .. but it may save you from a crash possibly.
Pretty much what the warnings were. Thanks for posting that, since I ran out of time last night.