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Thread: Weekly Raffle - S2W9

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    Cool Weekly Raffle - S2W9

    Welcome to
    Weekly Raffle Season 2 Week 9
    Ends: Aug 3rd
    Base XP: 21,000

    The rules are simple, anyone can enter as long as you're a registered member.
    To enter, visit the raffle site and click Enter!
    Please note
    there is only ONE winner in every raffle.

    This season there is a change to how the XP prize works. This is a quote from the
    tab page on the raffle site, you can also view it there if you'd like.

    It's a very new script from scratch so report any problems, thx!

    Week 1 Winner: @PrestonParsons - 65,000XP
    Week 2 Winner: @FoxGaming - 94,000XP
    Week 3 Winner: @noc - 145,000XP
    Week 4 Winner: @Portals - 120,000XP
    Week 5 Winner: @amir_cinderella - 179,000XP
    Week 6 Winner: @slp13at420 - 355,000XP
    Week 7 Winner: @Neth - 282,000XP + 2 Games
    Week 8 Winner: Hyperion - 295,000XP

    Happy Raffling!

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