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Thread: Sup' ED :')

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    Greetingz , aneen and welcome to the forums :D
    don't forget to take the 2 mins and read thru the rules.
    We are here to share our work and our knowledge don't ever fear asking a question because you think it might be stupid . no Question is stupid it WILL get a professional answer without any type of trolling what-so-ever . we are here to help you become able to do things on your own . :D
    have fun , the search bar does work rather well. :D

    now with that being said ..
    !! @Tommy !! I will pick you up and throw you at the book.. I wont throw the book at you .. I will throw YOU at the book ...

    Lead by example.

    private chat n such is no care to me , let the flood gates go , I'll help you open em lol.
    But in the public forum `Refrain from profanity` means NO Profane Language , and that goes for everyone , No Exceptions .
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