So i've made a quest, and i've tried to get the quest to give me 400 xp on completion, however it does not work, the quest level should be 1, but i have no idea how the RewardxpDifficulty works.
I know it is linked to the Questxp.dbc, so i tried making a new line there, but it turned out to not go very well. I've searched about it everywhere, but i couldnt find anything other than a thread where rotched replied back in around 2011, which is surely outdated i'd say.

The quest is a "Go and slay these mobs for me, 2 different ones, one mob you should kill once, and the second mob should be killed 9 times"

This is pretty much what it means, however i have no idea how it really works, since my custom one didn't :s (taken from

1 ID -- Level of the quest (not requirement level)
2 always 0
3 XP -- "Speak with X", very simple quests and usually close by
4 XP -- "Speak with X" or "Deliver X to Y" quests, average run distances
5 XP -- "Speak with X" quests, usually outside the quest-givers zone
6 XP -- Normal quests, usually "Slay X" where X is a low number (10 or less), close by item deliveries, e.g.
7 XP -- Normal quests, usually "Slay X" where X is a high number (around 10 and above), far away item deliveries, e.g.
8 XP -- Elite quests, generally quests you need a group to complete
9 XP -- Normal quests, but with good XP reward. Noticed these are mostly used at the end of quest chains, perhaps group quests too?
10 XP -- Raid quests (both 10 and 25 man) or 5-man Heroic quests
11 always 0