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Thread: World of warcraft 3.3.5 MAC

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    World of warcraft 3.3.5 MAC

    MPQ Files in the data folder can be transfered from a windows version (Not sure what is needed and what not for mac when it comes to mpq files).

    As the title says here you can download the Mac version of wow 3.3.5
    Sadly it's in french but could easily be changed into Us if you add in a windows version of the us folder (I think, im not sure but will try that when i get home)!V8xGgIaD!9Fd7YqCyzGKDC7O1y4XbVw

    it would be very appreciated if you do not report the file to resist others from not being able to download it if it gets removed.

    Walkthrough -

    1. Download the folder.

    2. Put the folder anywhere you would like it to be.

    3.Open the folder and change the realmlist; World of warcraft 3.3.5 > frFR >
    Change the realmlist to what you'd like. Save and close

    4. Go back to the folder "World of warcraft 3.3.5"
    And open "world of warcraft" up. (World of

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    This could come in handy for when I get my mac.

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