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Thread: DB Verisons

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    DB Verisons

    DB versions are now going to be supported throughout the generator instead of random links. This gives the user a better chance to choose which DB version is consistent with their source.


    Q: What does <, <=, >, >= mean?
    A: They tell you which versions are below or above the displayed versions. If there aren't any symbols that means it supports that version only. (e.g. <=TDB53 means it is less than (might support earlier versions) and equal to (stops at version 53) TDB53).

    Q: I don't see supported DB versions, where is it?
    A: At the bottom of the generators above "Submit".

    Q: How do I access the older DB generators?
    A: Select your version at the bottom of the generator. Once you do that input fields will dynamically change to that version.

    Q: How do I know which input fields change?
    A: Fields with next to them is an indicator that the input field will change during version selection.

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