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Thread: How to add ElunaEngine in TC Source.

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    No, nobody is telling you to "fuck off" - if you got that from what Foereaper wrote then you're over-exaggerating because you aren't getting your way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Troya View Post
    you don't giving support for old TC only for your custom TC already added Eluna Engine.
    Honestly, that is not true at all. We will give any Eluna user support, we just have certain reasons of our own to deny helping others with full third party implementation of Eluna. Read Eluna's FAQ.

    Rochet2 gave you some great advice and I would take it:

    Quote Originally Posted by Rochet2 View Post
    It seems you need this huge task done only so you can use it for one single script. It would likely be easier and faster to simply convert the script to C++ than to go over installing a massive system for just that one script.

    Quote Originally Posted by Troya View Post
    However, i looking a trusted person to added me Eluna engine in source, ofc i em willing Pay. Pls PM here or on skype.
    Paying people for their service is against the rules since we do not support a Market (Trade/Buy/Sell).

    Quote Originally Posted by Faded View Post
    You can ask for help all you want, but do not try to buy anyone's services. It's a support forum not a service forum.

    Let's all be friends here and try to have a more professional attitude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troya View Post
    So i have to download your own TC with added Eluna Engine if i want use Eluna system?
    If you want a full implementation that works out of the box without having to do an insane amount of work to get everything hooked up, working and bug tested, then yes, I do expect you to use an official source.

    Quote Originally Posted by Troya View Post
    Because you made a Eluna engine for your public TC. Another people who use own TC already full modifed and with over 20 custom scripts fixed for older version, you saying us to fuck off.
    That's correct, we implemented Eluna into our TC fork so others wouldn't have to do the work you are expecting us to do for you. Like Rochet said previously, you are better off basing it off of our fork and implementing your custom features if you really want to use the Lua engine.

    Quote Originally Posted by Troya View Post
    This I did not expect from you Foereaper
    I em deeply disappointed in you.
    You are disappointed in me telling you that we are not going to spend hours upon hours holding your hand and literally doing your dirty work for free? I can live with that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Troya View Post
    Maybe is this reason why no one don't use/like Eluna Engine in TC.
    Maybe so, and to be honest, I don't really care. If you want to use the engine, you go right ahead. But don't expect any favours from anyone when you instantly start to berate and attack someone. Besides, if no one "likes" using Eluna, why on earth would you?

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