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Thread: Your first MMO experience

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    Your first MMO experience

    Hey ED's!

    I'd like to hear your first MMO experiences.

    Here are some of mine, i remember them like it was yesterday.
    WoW was my first MMO. I was ~11 years old and a huge Warcraft 3 fan. I went to a store in my city and saw WoW in a shelf.
    Little me thought "Cool! I didn't knew Warcraft 3 isn't the newest strategy game by Blizzard!".
    I took the huge game case (It was the 5 CD version with the huge game book with many drawings and informations about WoW) and saw the 3D graphics on the case. Damn, i was so hyped to play this shit. Didn't took a second look, didn't search for any other game. I went straight to the seller und bought it. It took nearly 6 hours to install the game on my old shitty computer!
    After i installed it: You have to buy game time.
    Me: But i don't have any money anymore, i spent everything for the game
    My father went to my room and i explained it to him and was like "now i have to wait to the next month to play..". He didn't said anything. After 2 hours he came back with a game card that he bought the store. At this day i was probably the happiest little fucktard out there.

    I started the game and made a orc warrior, because i loved the orcs in Warcraft 3.
    I still have the quest in my mind, where you have to get Tazrill's (or smth like that) pickaxe out of the cave. It had a respawn time of at least 10 minutes and only one could take it. We waited with like 40 characters and everyone had fun because everyone was talking with each other.
    When i left Durotar, i met a troll hunter infront of razorhill who knew the game already pretty good. He was a bit rude because i was a noob, but i loved to play with him. He explained everything for me. When we reached level 10, he got his pet. Damn, i would love to have a pet to.
    "It's only for hunters" - "Give me a second!" - Deleted my orc warrior for no reason, created a troll hunter and send him a whisper message: "Hey, i'm back, i deleted my orc and created this char! Give me some time to level it to your level so we can continue our adventure".
    After i reached level 10, we went from Razorhill to Orgrimmar. Damn was this city big. And there even was a auction house. Again, i was so hyped about this game! it was clearly the best game that i ever played.
    After that, we went to Ratchet and did some quests for him. I know that my level was too low, but i wanted to play with him so i just followed him.
    I had to go offline and after that i never met him again. :/
    Now me, a underleveled troll hunter, was alone in Ratchet. I was scarred to go back to Orgrimmar, because i didn't knew what would happen if i would die. I don't know why, but i thought my character would be dead forever then. So i spent like 3 days in Ratchet asking people to give me some money so i can fly back to Orgrimmar. It was really hard to get some money from people on classic.. :D

    Also a school friend of mine, who started several months later, asked NPCs multiple times how to log off and save his savegame/character. He never played a MMO before too. Next day he came very angry to school and said that the players of WoW are stupid because they never answer his questions..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaev View Post
    Also a school friend of mine, who started several months later, asked NPCs multiple times how to log off and save his savegame/character. He never played a MMO before too. Next day he came very angry to school and said that the players of WoW are stupid because they never answer his questions..

    My first MMO was World of Warcraft, obviously! I found guest passes inside of my Warcraft III box and decided to use one. I started playing around mid-TBC. My first character was an Orc warrior, but later I re-created my character and made a Dwarf Warrior instead. Not sure why I did that but I did. I remember myself staying in Ironforge begging for gold (because gold was really hard to get back in TBC) and players actually gave me gold - I laughed because they gave me gold. After I got over myself I started to quest. I kinda remember questing in Wetlands fighting Murlocs at around level 29. Was quite awesome. I don't remember much after that except a few more things. When I was level 40 a Warlock summoned an inferno in Stormwind. I wrote in /say, "Get back low levels!" as I was some awesome hero, and some level 60 Human Warrior laughed at me after that. I STOOD PROUD though!

    When I was level 69 I was in Zangarmarsh (not sure why). I was almost level 70. In some waters, I killed level 62 creatures until I finally dinged to level 70. Who knows what I was thinking. Nowadays I'm like, "Quest or dungeons next time!".

    At 70, I wasn't much of a PvE person. My character today has around 28k+ lifetime kills. I did arena and Battlegrounds with friends and did pretty well. Though, back then the Arena system was pretty redundant because you had to wait a week to get your points, even for honor points. But it was a great experience all together.

    After awhile I finally joined a guild called NOS (Nightmare of Stormwind). Drama guild. A. BIG. DRAMA. GUILD. We raided slow and horribly. When Karazhan released that was our main raid. We could barely get past the first boss, let alone the Maiden or the theater fight. We had very hard times with specific mobs. Disorganized, confused and a badly geared guild at that time. I hate being in guilds with uptight old farts. The experience is terrible. I hope they are all dead now.

    That's basically the gist of my experiences when I was a pawn in WoW. Honestly, you've never truly experienced the internet until you play an MMO. It will change you.

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