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Thread: Trinitycore GM Commands

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    Trinitycore GM Commands

    Hello! Here is the Trinitycore GM commands for those who don't know or are just getting into development/GMing!

    .GM on (Turns your GM tag on)

    .GM off (Turns your GM tag off)

    .Dev on (Turns your Dev tag on)

    .Dev off (Turns off your Dev tag)

    .GM chat on (Turns your GM chat badge on)

    .GM chat off (Turns your GM chat badge off)

    .GM visible on (Turns you invisible to player targets)

    .GM Visible off (Turns you visible to all targets)

    .GM fly on (Turns your flying on)

    .GM fly off (Turns your flying off)

    .Tele *location* (Teleports you to a certain location)

    .Tele add (Add's a .teleport *name* to the spot your standing)

    .Tele delete (Delete's a teleport location)

    .Tele *name* *location* (Teleports a character name to a location)

    .Mod speed (Modify's your speed 1-50)

    .Mod scale (Modify's your scale 1-50)

    .Mod fly (Modify's your Fly speed 1-50)

    .Mod swim (Modify's swim speed)

    .Mod HP (Modify's Health Points)

    .Mod Mana (Modify's Mana Points)

    .Mod Energy (Modify's Energy Points)

    .Mod rage (Modify's Rage Points)

    .Mod aspeed (Modify's all speed numbers)

    .Mod Money (Modify's Money in your bag) *Wotlk- Cap is 214k Cata Cap is 999k

    .Freeze (Freeze's Target)

    .Unfreeze (Unfreeze's Target)

    .Ban acc <account name> "Time" <reason>

    .Ban ip <ipadress> "time" <reason> (Will ban the users IP adress so he will not be able to log on any account with that IP adress.)

    .Ban Char <character name> "time" <reason> (Will ban a specific char, not the account.)

    .Kick <name> "reason here if you want."

    .Mute <Name> "TimeInMinutes" <Reason>

    .Ticket viewid (Views the specific ticket ID)

    .Ticket list (Shows you the list of tickets)

    .Ticket delete (Deletes the specific ticket ID)

    .Ticket close (Permanently closes the specific ticket ID)

    .Ticket onlinelist (Shows you all tickets online at the moment)

    . additem <Item ID> (Will add you or anyone else a item, depends on who you'r targeting.)
    .title add <Title ID> (Will add you or anyone else a title.)
    .gobj add <ID> (Will spawn a game object, like a chair.)
    .npc add <ID> (Will spawn a npc.)
    .lookup creature "Name" (Will let you see the ID of the NPC you are searching for.)
    .lookup object "Name" (Let you see a game objects ID in order to spawn it.)
    .lookup item "Name" (Will give you the item ID.)
    .lookup title "Name" (Will give you the title ID in order to add a title.)
    .lookup spell "Name" (Will get you the spells ID so you can learn it.)
    .learn <ID> (Will let you learn a spell if you got the ID.)

    If i missed any, please let me know in a reply!

    Thanks for Reading!

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    Isn't it in the wrong section? TC has its own section here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tulba View Post
    Isn't it in the wrong section? TC has its own section here:
    Yeah it would make more since to be in the TrinityCore section, it's moved.

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