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Thread: Scripting Service Information

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    Scripting Service Information

    Welcome to EmuDevs' scripting service information thread. Here, you will find the needed information to request WoW scripts or other. Read this thread carefully.

    Currently for:
    • WoW C++ and Eluna Lua scripts
    • Specific core modifications
    • .NET Application(s)

    NEED TO KNOW & Requirements:
    • This is a paid service
    • Prices are negotiable
    • Must be at least level two and have 5 or more posts. No exceptions.
    • If a project is completed you will receive updates and bug fixes afterwards
    • Examples, videos and other proof of your project will be given during development and project completion
    • Payment should NEVER be sent until the project is completed
    • Payment should be sent first and after confirmation you will get your project's source. This is NOT negotiable.
    • If you refund without informing us or lack any informative communication, you break all of our promises and your project will be destroyed (on our side) & you will not be able to: receive updates which include bug fixes and you will be banned from requesting our service again. No exceptions.
    • You can only request deadlines. If accepted the time of project completion should be determined on how long it will take to make and if it fits your time-to-complete.
    • We can decline any request.
    • You can only request if you do not have an active project in development that we're working on
    • We do not do spell or any kind of fixes to your emulator. Our service provides newly scripted projects, sources, etc. Your request will be declined.

    WE WILL NOT DO REQUESTS FOR: Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor.

    Requests will be instantly declined if you request something major like: Cross Faction Battleground, Battleground, Guild vs Guild, Arena Spectator, etc. Your request will be reviewed and its state will be determined afterwards based on what you're requesting. Make sure to read everything before making a request.

    • Free/$5/$10 - .NET Application (free is dependent on request)
    • $5 - Linux scripting(shell)
    • $5 - Very basic script or template
    • $30/$50 - Script Project & Core modifications

    Request information will be discussed privately. All we want is simple information to start off with.
    Use this format and make a new thread here following the format.

    1. What are you requesting? WoW C++ or Eluna Lua script? .NET Application?
    2. What emulator are you using and what patch?
    3. What operating system(s) do you want your source to support? Linux, Windows or both?
    4. What is your Skype name?
    5. What is your email (alternative to Skype)?
    6. Do you want to request a deadline? If so, what is your deadline?
    7. Do you agree with NEED TO KNOW & Requirements and all information in this thread? Yes or No?

    If you have any questions you can post in this section or in Site Support.

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