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Thread: How to increase mounts speed

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    Avez-vous essayť ceci? Have you tried this?

    SELECT * FROM `npc_trainer` WHERE spellid='33388';

    For speed :

    creature_template => speed_walk , speed_run

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy View Post
    Don't ever suggest that again. Read the rules, specifically Section: 1C, Rule #15.

    If you haven't realized, EmuDevs is a place of support and we do not flood our threads with guesses, and we do not reply to most threads that we most likely do not have the answer for. We like to keep our threads clean and our solutions short (if possible). Members can come in and give support if they have knowledge of what the said member (OP) needs help with at ANYTIME. We do frown upon false answers. However, we encourage most answers that can potentially lead to a solution.

    OP did receive some answers but they weren't what he was looking for, I honestly don't think there's any inactivity in that. In the world of emulation most issues can take more than a week to solve, given the subject is sensitive and OP is happy with their results. A solution sure as hell isn't dependent on <some other emulation site> that won't answer, people HERE will give the same answers on, members will troll or flood your thread with nonsense (beware of Treetree), etc..

    Or C++ if he isn't using Eluna and accepts doing so.
    Well after i try and search for spell in DB finaly i found my solution,it doesn't want any Script to edit the spell level i just remove the -from the ID then i run this query:
    REPLACE INTO `npc_trainer` (`ID`, `SpellID`, `MoneyCost`, `ReqSkillLine`, `ReqSkillRank`, `ReqLevel`) VALUES (202010, 33388, 40000, 762, 0, 10);
    ,and finaly i go tested now it take effects to change spell level.
    Thank you anyway for your support!
    Its solved!

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