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Thread: [Wotlk 3.3.5a] [Optional Eluna] Unknown96's Compiling Tutorial (Windows/Vista) - With Pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syphex View Post
    First i was like, ooh that aint much, but then, 4 hours later....
    Haha yeah, I felt the same making the tutorial... However thanks for taking the time on reading it trough.

    Quote Originally Posted by Syphex View Post
    To Cmake on Windows 10 you need to have SDK tools. you can find them here.

    It is also VS studio 2015, which is better suited for Windows 10.
    It's free too.

    Local Address is your static address in the network, example:
    My brother has
    i got

    Then you should set it to

    This is only for when making the server public, to avoid problems. Having it set to Localhost is recommended.
    But it has a bigger purpose for when having multiplied servers. on different hosts and computers.
    Thank you for the information update regarding windows 10! I will consider adding the information if I so ever wish to expand this thread beyond windows 7. However I don't see why I would not since it would only make the thread really cover everything within the windows section. especially since most users probably moved beyond windows 7 by now.
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