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Thread: [Showoff][WIP] Koenigsegg CCX car in WoW WoD

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    [Showoff][WIP] Koenigsegg CCX car in WoW WoD

    Hello everyone here's a little project I've been working on lately.

    I'm a big fan of the Koenigsegg brand and a big fan of the CCX so I decided to put some time into modeling it and putting it into WoD.

    The modeling it self took around 16+ hours the UV Mapping took around 2-4 hours and about 1 hour to put it into wow since I haven't put a car into wow in a long time I forgot some things but I remember via trial and error lol.

    Any who this is a WIP Showoff.



    Yes in the background that is indeed Afterfall in WoD, I might do a follow up video on that later.
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