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Thread: Warden Memory Check

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    Warden Memory Check

    Video explains all ;)


    ---------------------------------------Text Tutorial Below--------------------------------------------

    I'm going to be going over basic signature creation, following the steps of a already created signature (But the same steps can be applied for any "Undetected" hack and it should work just fine)

    Step 1: Start WoW

    Step 2: Login and go into game

    Step 3: Get your offsets that you want to detect, i'll be going after Air Swim


    Step 4: Hook Cheat Engine onto WoW and Search that offset in Cheat Engine in Memory Space (Ctrl + G)

    Step 5: Search and you will get a result similar to this

    Step 6: Look for the common repeating address (3C62).. this is useless for what we are doing and should be discarded.

    Step 7: Add the values after 3C62 (25FFFFDFB0D0020000089) This spans across 3 "Opcodes" This is the Result

    Step 8: Getting the length. This one is simple.. add up the 2nd Opcode (OR) OD 0200000 = 11 (Counting the space)

    Step 9: Convert offset (HEX) to Decimal, this is the Address.

    7C6206 -> 8151558


    If you have any concerns or questions add my skype, Krill156
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