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Thread: [RELEASE] Hellfire Raid from PTR To 3.3.5a

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    [RELEASE] Hellfire Raid from PTR To 3.3.5a

    While making documentation for my ADT Downporter, I did this map as a test to figure out what needed to be fixed and updated in my systems, so for anyone that cares, I had to update both the ADT and WMO porting scripts, that said the 0.003 wmo script won't be able to port this raid wmo.

    My previous patch for the Tanaam Jungle is required for this map to work and not throw you an Error. Same directions as before, Download the patch, Put it into your Data folder, go ingame, set GM Mode On just incase, and use the Port Coords below:

    TrinityCore Port Command:
    .go xyz 4068 -1999 31 582
    --Used Map ID 582(Transport176244)

    Download Link:
    ♠ Hellfire Raid(326MB):
    ♠ Tanaam Jungle(required for the raid to work):

    It works in Noggit too, it is listed as:


    In Noggit:

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