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Thread: [TOOL] MoP/Cata M2 to TBC Converter - 010 Editor Based

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    [TOOL] MoP/Cata M2 to TBC Converter - 010 Editor Based

    This is the Short Version of the Guide for my M2 Converter, It should explain it well enough, but if you want a more defined explanation, check out the full video over at:

    Download Links:
    ♠ Check the YouTube Video's Description( )
    --I'd rather just update links at one source if I have to rather than having to remember all the places I posted this at. Thanks for your support :) ♠

    This is still very buggy and is pretty much for testing purposes only, It won't do many things but for the purpose of what it was made for, it does it fairly well, especially for being written in a markup language.

    This was made with the sole intent on down porting weapons, helmets, and shoulder models, and some simple game object doodads. This was not to be aimed at doing creature conversions. Not all M2 files this is ran on will work, and it won't always generate an M2 file either due to various reasons

    Things this converter will not do:
    1.) Cameras
    2.) Ribbons
    3.) Lights
    4.) Just about all Creature type Models except very basic ones as shown in the Full Version of the Video Guide.
    5.) TexAnims isn't complete.
    6.) Rivers/Waterfalls, I've yet to do one of these by hand yet so I don't know how they work yet.
    7.) Transparency data may not always be re-allocated properly.


    --Wandering Isle M2's(don't pay attention to the WMOs)--

    ♦ Stan84 for conversation and being an overall great guy.
    ♦ All the contributors who submitted information on the BC M2 info on wiki, it wasn't very indepth but was enough to get started.

    ♠ Twitter:
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