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Thread: TrinityCore LoginDatabase.PQuery to another Host

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    Quote Originally Posted by Visa View Post
    Maybe I'm just really confusing myself but when you Vote all votes go into Database 'cms', Table 'account_data'. Are you saying maybe theres a way to duplicate the method so it outputs variables to BOTH account_data and an extra table in auth? like 'vp' or 'dp'


    Currently there is no vote table in auth. All votes by default go into the CMS database table named 'account_data'
    I'm saying the method should be changed to put the points data in your auth database via a new table. The cms is all in your "Website" database, correct? It doesn't put the vote and donation points in your auth database, right? If your CMS is on an entirely different database (including the vote and donation points table) just make a new table in your auth database (since account_data already exists server side), name it whatever and add two columns: votepoints, donationpoints. After that, require the CMS to insert the vote points or donation points in your auth database under that table instead of its own table via Website database (if that's where that goes). And no, there's not going to be an extra table, just one table for your CMS to insert/pull data to/from and for your server to update/pull data from.

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    I might have to end up getting a new site my php skills aren't up to par to find where to add this variable to insert it into auth.account rather than cms.account_data

    Thanks for all the help, as always it's majorly appreciated!

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