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Thread: Stampede hunter spell, newbie

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    Stampede hunter spell, newbie

    Hello there, complete newbie here.
    So I was playing on some WoW MoP 5.4.2 server and I would really love devs there to fix 1 spell called "Stampede", becuase this spell lays in their bugtracker for 8 months already and noone seems to know how to fix it. It's a hunters spell which summons 5 pets to fight by your side for a 20 sec duration. I can only imagine how complex this spell is(in a programming/scripting way) and I haven't seen this spell fixed on any server that I was playing, so I was wondering... is there a "ready-made" script for this spell available, or any of you guys know how to fix it?

    I've also found mop repacks here and I would really like to check them if they already have some spell fixes which I could use/modify/or at least learn some stuff from them, but I'm really new to whole "wow server" scripting (I know some c++,sql) and I don't actually know where all spell scripts are located (in which folder/file in those repacks). I can only seem to find stampeding roar, which is not what I want :/
    Could you guys help me out with this?

    Sorry for my English tho, I'm not a native speaker
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