Hello everyone! I have just now started my Star Citizen organization, and I am now looking for a logo and banner to go with the organization page! The organization (or guild, if you want) is based around "legitimate" freelance work and bounty hunting ;) I am all for artistic freedom, so feel free to create whatever you'd like. The banner itself should contain the logo as well as Reaper Inc. Sleek and professional is appreciated!

If you have a good slogan to go with it, feel free to throw it in there. The organization is all about innovation, commercialism and not being afraid of stepping over bodies to reach our goals!

Also, a background and icon is needed, however this is completely optional :)

Icon size: 24x24
Logo size: 175x175
Banner size: 1140x380
Background size: 1366x768

Link to Org. page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/REAPERINC