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    Cool Donation Information

    Donating to EmuDevs helps keep the sites up and running. Currently our payments are 99% out of pocket.

    We have 3 different subscriptions:
    • $25 for 12 months
    • $40 for 24 months
    • $65 for 48 months

    After your subscription has expired, you will lose your donator status and all of its perks. You will
    have to donate again in order to keep your subscription to everything.

    Donation Perks:
    ED Git perks ->
    • $25 donation - 25 private repositories | 10GB Space
    • $40 donation - 40 private repositories | 15GB Space
    • $65 donation - unlimited private repositories | 100GB Space

    Further information on the ED Git can be found here

    Forum Perks:
    • Access to EDDP (EmuDevs Donation Projects) on EmuDevs Git site
    • Access to the Donator section
    • You can also ask for in-depth support in the donator section, for donators and staff only to help you with an issue, question, etc.
    • Ability to request C++, Lua or PHP scripts (requesting is limited by certain requirements)
    • Your own custom forum page ($65 subscription only)
    • Your name listed in our shout outs on the footer

    And finally, the rank of

    Thanks to all past, current and future donators o/
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