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Thread: Cliff Smits 255 fun repack

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    Red face Cliff Smits 255 fun repack

    Hello guys this is my first repack release. hopefully you guys like it putted many hours into it .
    i have build this when i worked on Worldofrenegation. but i left the project
    i dont have that much time anymore so i decided to release it

    Realm Features

    Patch 3.3.5a support.
    Latest Trinity Core.
    Latest Trinity Database.

    Most spells and talents are working.
    Estimate percentage of working classes

    Death Knights are working 97% as intended.
    Druids are working 97% as intended.
    Hunters are working 97% as intended.
    Mages are working 97% as intended.
    Paladins are working 97% as intended.
    Priests are working 97% as intended.
    Rogues are working 97% as intended.
    Shamans are working 97% as intended.
    Warlocks are working 97% as intended.
    Warriors are working 97% as intended.

    Realm Information

    -Starting Area
    -Trainers at starters area
    -Battelground portals
    -Arena Que
    -Arena organizer
    -Weapon trainers
    -more than 500 custom items
    -Custom Arena Gear vendor
    -Cusom Arena weapons Vendor
    -Starters quest
    -Level road 1-255
    -allot of self made npc
    -Vote shop npc + items
    -Donate shop npc + items
    -Teleport npc
    -Pocket teleporter
    -World Chat - [.nameannounce works for all players]
    -starters quest
    -starters gear
    -Upgrade able gear sets
    -Upgrade able weapons/jewelry from instances-raids
    -Custom events + quests for event tokens
    -Custom instances + drops+ quests
    -Custom raids + drops + quests
    -Custom world bosses + drops
    -Custom boss road + drops
    -Exchange vendor
    -Quest line to upgrade your gear sets
    -First upgrade set Prince of the immortal
    -Second King of the immortal set
    -Arena for gear set God of the immortal best non - donor gear
    -Custom patch already made for custom weapons / 255 pvp battelgrounds
    - Horde Duel Area
    -Alliance duel Area

    Working battelgrounds

    -Arathi basin
    -Warsong gulch
    -Eye of the storm

    Working Arenas
    -Nagrand Blood Arena
    -Dalaran Arena in the sewers
    -Ruins of Lordaeron Arena

    Custom instances

    -the nexus
    -Hellfire ramparts

    Custom raids

    -vault of archavon
    -icecrown citadel
    -Working battle ship

    Database information:
    ID: Root
    Pass: Ascent

    Make sure to make the admin account gm

    With this command

    account set gmlevel $accountname 3 -1

    In-game Information:
    ID: Admin
    Pass: Admin

    Download - links

    Download Cliff Smits 255 fun-repack fixed the issue for 32 bits users
    Are included

    Download Patch 6 Here for use the custom weapons and for 255 to enter battelgrounds + custom login screen and music

    Updated patch this patch is clean just only the custom items and battelgrounds Download Here

    Place the Patch6 into wow/data/folder

    MSVCR120.dll or other .dll error?:
    If you are getting any 'missing .dll' errors, please download and install this fix. Please note that this repack requires .NET framework 4.5 which means this repack will not run on Windows XP. (.NET framework 4.5 is only supported from Windows Vista Service Pack 2).

    redistributable packages:

    Making the repack public:


    .nameannounce text
    The non-pvp mall

    Donate shop

    Vote shop

    Starters gear

    Boss Arena

    World boss hogger

    World boss

    Starters area

    Quest Area

    Level road



    Teleporter and pocket teleporter

    Aliiance Duel Area

    Horde Duel Area

    Credits to Jeutie's portable Mysql
    Credits to me for building evreything

    any questions feel free to pm me
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    Looks good man! Keep up the work on the repacks. :D

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