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Thread: EmuCoreCraft Official 85 Fun Repack

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    Hello guys, Noticed the repack isn't playable a long time ago but i didn't have the time to fix all the bugs and make it fully playable.

    Now i started reworking on it a while ago and at this moment it's fully working good and here is a list of the fixes that been updated and will be ready to use / download.

    List of Fixes / Adds / Rework :

    Welcome Quest Reward changed to give you level 57, gold bar and 10 Mounts Token.
    Added a new Quest after you finish the Welcome one that send you to leveling zone and finishing the quest will give you level 60.
    Spawned a Few Trainers / Vendors in Leveling Zone.
    Added a new creature for leveling 60 - 85.
    Added a new quests for getting Voting Emblems and Mount Tokens by killing monsters.
    Leveling Zone Been Fixed and ready to be used.
    Server Teleporter and Teleporter/Tools NPC Level and DisplayID Fixed.
    Hast Cap for Melee / Ranged / Spell Fixed.
    Fixed 600 Custom item ( Soulbound / Binds When Equipped etc.. ) to SOULBOUND.
    Fixed HP - Damage of creature in dungeons.
    Fixed Loot and added a new Loot for Bosses.
    Fixed Keys / Token Discription, Stackable and Type.
    Fixed World Bosses Damage.
    Added New (85) Arrows for Hunters.
    XP Rate inscared/Fixed.
    New Gear Added called Special Gear ( There is HP one and DG one "DG is better and HP not working for now ) which can be dropped from ( World Boss : Doom / All Tier Dungeon Bosses with 1% chance & World Boss : Catos with 1.5% Chance ).
    Patch-A rework.

    And a lot of other fixes and items fix.
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    Can anyone reupload mysql data?

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