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Thread: compiling errors

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    compiling errors

    i am trying to compile Cata with Eluna from this repo :

    Cmake 3.0.1 and generate Visual Studios 12 2013 runs fine with 0 errors.

    MS Visual Studio Express 2013 for windows desktop coughs out these errors:

    basicly sql errors and BattlefieldWG.cpp errors.

    updated to cmake 3.0.2 and generate Visual Studios 12 2013 and no errors

    switched to MS VS Professional 2013 12.0.30723.00 with build tools , and still same errors ..

    cant find anything for MySQL development files but installed 3.MySQL Server Community Edition x86 32 bit 5.5 and rebooted.

    updated to 1.56.0 boost

    And still same errors.

    any ideas what I did wrong? what I don't have?what I need to remove?

    its something to do with sql and I dunno how-to fix.

    ok after loading every sql thingy they got lol now I have 5.5, 5.6 , 5.9 , workbench 6.2, notifiers and announcers blah blah blah I no longer get the sql errors.
    but I still get the BattlefieldWG.cpp errors:
    8>C:\Users\Black Wolf Gamer\Desktop\Eluna_TrinityCata_4.3.4\Eluna_TrinityCata_4.3.4\src\server\game\Battlefield\Zones\BattlefieldWG.cpp(271): warning C4305: 'argument' : truncation from 'WintergraspText' to 'uint8'
    8>C:\Users\Black Wolf Gamer\Desktop\Eluna_TrinityCata_4.3.4\Eluna_TrinityCata_4.3.4\src\server\game\Battlefield\Zones\BattlefieldWG.cpp(271): warning C4309: 'argument' : truncation of constant value
    8>C:\Users\Black Wolf Gamer\Desktop\Eluna_TrinityCata_4.3.4\Eluna_TrinityCata_4.3.4\src\server\game\Battlefield\Zones\BattlefieldWG.cpp(445): warning C4305: 'argument' : truncation from 'WintergraspText' to 'uint8'
    8>C:\Users\Black Wolf Gamer\Desktop\Eluna_TrinityCata_4.3.4\Eluna_TrinityCata_4.3.4\src\server\game\Battlefield\Zones\BattlefieldWG.cpp(445): warning C4309: 'argument' : truncation of constant value
    8>C:\Users\Black Wolf Gamer\Desktop\Eluna_TrinityCata_4.3.4\Eluna_TrinityCata_4.3.4\src\server\game\Battlefield\Zones\BattlefieldWG.cpp(692): warning C4305: 'argument' : truncation from 'WintergraspText' to 'uint8'
    8>C:\Users\Black Wolf Gamer\Desktop\Eluna_TrinityCata_4.3.4\Eluna_TrinityCata_4.3.4\src\server\game\Battlefield\Zones\BattlefieldWG.cpp(692): warning C4309: 'argument' : truncation of constant value
    8>C:\Users\Black Wolf Gamer\Desktop\Eluna_TrinityCata_4.3.4\Eluna_TrinityCata_4.3.4\src\server\game\Battlefield\Zones\BattlefieldWG.cpp(703): warning C4305: 'argument' : truncation from 'WintergraspText' to 'uint8'
    8>C:\Users\Black Wolf Gamer\Desktop\Eluna_TrinityCata_4.3.4\Eluna_TrinityCata_4.3.4\src\server\game\Battlefield\Zones\BattlefieldWG.cpp(703): warning C4309: 'argument' : truncation of constant value
    so I dumped everything but sql server 5.5 and sql server 5.6
    I still get the Battlefield error but it compiles without the sql errors.
    but when I start auth it crashes.

    so I dropped the sql server 5.6 since the server is using 5.5.9 and copied over the updated include and lib files.
    now auth runs without crashing. :D
    worldserver loads.
    but now it appears Eluna is not loading since I don't get any response from
    loaded in the \4.3.4 core\Core\lua_scripts\ folder.

    so I deleted my clone of the repo . and started with a fresh clone of :
    compiled in debug:
    ========== Build: 22 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 1 skipped ==========
    AND I no longer get the BattleField error.

    since it compiles completely without errors I will close this as solved.
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