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Thread: MaNGOS now officially uses Eluna!

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    MaNGOS now officially uses Eluna!

    Hey everyone, these are very exciting times within the Eluna development team!

    Last week we decided to pick back up where we left off last December, and knocked our heads together with the MaNGOS team. After an incredibly speedy development process, we're now happy to announce that Eluna is FINALLY implemented and officially supported by MaNGOS! For now, we're only released with Classic (aka. Zero), however Eluna will be featured in the next release of all other expansions as well!

    Below follows some relevant links regarding the Eluna implementation in MaNGOS:

    MaNGOS Release thread:
    MaNGOS Zero repository:

    Thank you everyone who has made this possible, Eluna was made by and for the community to use and enjoy, and without a community there wouldn't be a need for Eluna. We couldn't have done it without every single one of you. And a very special thanks to the MaNGOS team for their support and future co-operation as we head into uncharted waters together!

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