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If you start the server and log in (dont create a character at any point), you will have a crash or undefined behavior, since playerGUID is not initialized (set to anything) at all.

There is also a collision possibility between 2 players creating characters and logging in:
Player A creates a character. (playerGUID is set to 2)
Player B creates a character. (playerGUID is set to 3)
Player A logs in and the check if (playerGUID == player->GetGUID()) runs.
This will compare if(3 == 2) and it will fail.
Player A will then NEVER get the item and will not be teleported.

See this:

Or make a new hook.
I think we could make a pull request to TC to make a new hook for character first login.
Its frustrating that there isnt one and many are looking for one.
yeah there could be a problem :|