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Thread: Rules updated [5/7/2014] (IMPORTANT)

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    Rules updated [5/7/2014] (IMPORTANT)

    The new rules below were discussed by staff and we came to a conclusion after experiencing annoying arguments or general whining. Rules are made by our members, not by us. Remember that. We wouldn't have so many rules if people would just be sane. Anyway, you guys accepted the rules, so go read them.

    Rules that pertain to illogical "I want to argue" or "I want to start a post war AND argue" (with staff/other)
    Rules that also pertain to you not getting what you wanted and you remove your posts, reply against staff and generally are whining because you didn't get your way
    1. When a staff member or member of EmuDevs replies to your post giving constructive CC, advice or is generally judging your comment with accurate wording and isn't insulting you at all, don't argue with the said staff member or member. This will result in a warning and/or ban.
    2. When you get an infraction or if you get in trouble, don't go about the forum posting against staff saying they were wrong and shouldn't have done whatever. Just because you didn't get your way, doesn't mean your way was right. Stop whining. Staff ruling is final. We do not give false bans or infractions. If you break the rules, we'll know it. You accepted the rules, go read them. If you're still persistent in not obeying our judgement calls, this will result in a ban.
    3. Staff opinions or statements upon your post are justified. Don't try and argue when clearly we haven't insulted you in anyway.
    4. When your posts are moved to the trash (posts are never deleted) don't whine because your posts were moved. Us staff moved them (or it) because it wasn't rule worthy, or you're whining as pointed out in the rule above. This will result in a warning and/or ban.
    5. If you get in trouble or if your posts were removed all together (along to the rules above), don't come on the chatbox and start bitching. You will be banned from the Chatbox OR if failed to obey this will result in a ban. (both forum/chatbox)
    6. If you're being condescending, don't be. We won't tolerate you telling Staff or any other member what to do.
    7. If you get mad and start whining because you think Staff is wrong and you start deleting your posts, editing your threads (removing content), posting against staff (anywhere), posting in the Chatbox or doing anything relevant towards what happened, this will result in a ban. This has happened a couple of times and it is utterly annoying to see the true side of people.

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