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    CodeWithMe is a C# Async socket client/server program that allows you to code with anyone, anywhere (Laptop? XD). It is a public source project and it is very new right now, so it has issues. Refer to the 'TODO.txt' for more information on the issues and what is going to be done to the program in the future. This program is mainly for learning so other people can look at the source, see "HOW TO" and do whatever.

    How the server/client receives each others messages is through reading the bytes as a string and seeing if it contains a special string such as '|Msg'. The way I wrote it is I use a enumerator and I have a [Description("|Whatever")] for the server/clients to read on. Confusing? See for yourself!

    Just remember, the program is new and will have issues! I also might update how it reads and sends data later on, but I honestly don't see a point considering this isn't a very huge project. Anyway, enjoy!


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