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Thread: Mists of Pandaria 5.1.0 Playable

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    Mists of Pandaria 5.1.0 Playable

    Hey guys, this is MoP 5.1.0. Not a lot to say about this, there is still a ton of stuff missing. Just off the top of my head, 90% of vanilla dungeons are empty, most Cata is spawned (aside from hour of twilight) but since dragon soul has no scripts you can't get past Ultraxxion. Some items display but dont apply stats but all professions I have tried have worked accordingly. This is in no way something I would consider a sit and play model but I will continue to work on this as much as I can, primarily on spawning and scripting the instances. MD/Ph.d consumes your life... but I will try my best, but the source is available below so feel free to edit as you wish.




    Just scroll over to downloads and clients and you can get a 5.1.0 client for this repack.

    Once again, not a ton to do yet, don't be surprised if you see NPC's running really fast in stationary positions. Also, with the client, it will take you a long time to log in through the server the first time around, and through the first exploration it will be slow while the game updates all of the information, but dont be discouraged, once you have explored a few areas it will begin to load faster and then eventually run smooth and clean. Also, once the client shoots out the necessary files you will have to manually add a in your data/enUS folder and navigate to your WTF/config -> Open it and add set realmlist "" (With the quotations).

    Credits to DarkBrain


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    Thanks for sharing

    - No transmo possible .
    - Can no tapping
    - The reputation button ( C) has no currency tab
    - You can not ride on a tandem mount ( I mean the second player )
    - Auction houses are empty, and do not keep the sales generated .
    - Blanked quests not
    - Change of grade guild impossible
    - Automatic search for DJ , RAID , GUILDS not functional Challenges
    - Safety of non-functional guild
    - Griffins fall from the sky in Stormwind
    - Some NPCs fly in stormwind
    - The Rare Mobs not see the contents , nor WorldBoss (eg Gallion, Nalak ... )
    - Original additional action bars disappear whith no reason
    - Bugs in obtaining all skills on NPCs .
    - No sensors on the top interface attack left
    - Once a request for assistance is made ​​, the others arrive at an "error when creating an application " via the menu official aid.
    - Fly some of Pandaria are inaccessible.
    - The /love cmd in the arboretum does not work on bb snakes clouds .

    This repack is fun, but not playable ;p

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