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Thread: How are you doing Emudevs?

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    How are you doing Emudevs?

    Hey there, I'm a guy who was sent here many months ago by Ghostcrawler I think. He said it was a nice environment where everyone had a better attitude than anywhere else.

    I quietly left the emulation scene without taking farewell and I think that I should've said a last thank you for helping me as much as you did. Hopefully I expressed these thanks enough in every thread and problem you helped me solve.

    I'd just like to swing by and say hey to everyone but also to hear how everyone and the site's doing! I'm not sure that anyone at all will be remember me, perhaps there's a slight chance of Tommy and Faded doing so.

    As a complete stranger and beginner in WoW emulation with no previous experience, through Emudevs help learning me most of what I know I was able to do more than I ever imagined. My goal was to learn and I never really had any plans to make my Server go Live. Before I left I decided to throw together a video in Sony Vegas pretty quick just so I could look back at it and basically didn't do everything for nothing you know. ;P

    If you'd like to see it here's the link;

    I believe this is nothing for you veterans who has done this for a long while, but for me being new as I was, it felt like an accomplishment.

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    I remember everybody who has registered. Glad we could help bring you the knowledge you wanted. We're persistent in trying to help our vivid members here at EmuDevs! Great server, I've heard things about it, but I never seen this video. Looks great! Unlike some communities this is our main goal, to help our members. \o/

    P.S. EmuDevs is doing great. :P

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