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Thread: SQL error

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    I just deleted my world tables from my world database and readded fresh tables, plus ran the latest updates. Afterwards, I generated an sql query from EmuDevs generator, queried it into my new world database and it ran just fine. EmuDevs TrinityCore SQL Generator is updated with the recent or latest changes of TDB. If you're using an older database, it won't work. However, I thought about adding a new addition called 'Quick Query' that allows you to change column values asap.

    Also, if you're using 4.3.4, it won't work for that patch at the moment.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaev View Post
    I found a bug in the Item generator. If you don't fill out everything, some fields will be empty instead of 0. Not sure if everytime or if it was just once. You'll get an error, if you try to batch the .SQL in.
    I'll fix that seeing it wasn't doing that before. I fixed it doing that previously.

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