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Thread: [Release] Application restarter.

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    [Release] Application restarter.


    Some days ago i was looking for tool which watch if a program is running and if not it will restart it (app restarter).
    I know there аre many tools like this but i was looking for something really lightweight, something which have the one and the only function to keep a process/app running.
    I remembered that there are many tools like this which are coming with repacks and releases but none of them was simple and light. So i decided to make my own app restarter, so i did.


    It is a console application which requires .net 3.5. It's simple for use, and it's very lightweight (only 8kb or 40 lines of code). It can watch only one program per instance.
    I find it very useful if you need only restarter without functions which you will never use, thats why i decide to release it. Enjoy!

    Please report any bugs.

    Download: Click

    PS: I am not quite sure is this the right place to make this thread. Please move if not.
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