#40. Do not post on our Twitter, Facebook or our Teamspeak just because you want an issue solved. Create a new thread and it will get solved when we get to it.

We've had countless people come on our Teamspeak, bothering us because they want an issue solved. Well, when you see us AFK on TeamSpeak, that means we're away and not online at the moment. That clearly means not to message us because you want support. TeamSpeak is for us to hangout and enjoy us talking with each other without people wanting help on EmuDevs. Leave TeamSpeak to chatting with your friends, not because you want help asap. We will help you when we get online or when we can.

Twitter and Facebook are our social networks (Facebook isn't really, we rarely go on there). We don't intend for members to harass us on any of these networks. However, I'm not mentioning Youtube considering we have tutorials on there and people can be helped on there via PM. BUT, it is highly suggested to create a thread on EmuDevs support so the community can help you as well, rather than waiting on the staff.

We do have a rule regarding TeamSpeak, rule #39:

#39. Do not join the Nomsoft Teamspeak to discuss anything about EmuDevs, it is not related. Do not loiter on the server just to message EmuDevs staff.

However, I made a new rule on it's behalf, rule #40.

You don't need help asap, it is WoW emulation or whatever you're working on emulation / other wise. Go watch a movie until you get support. Be patient is what I'm implying. :P