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I remember dreams pretty often, but forget them fast if I dont write them down.
I cant recall what I saw last night, but a few nights ago I saw a dream where..

I was a vampire who killed a few people in rage. (The vampire part was only that I had fangs and I was strong I guess)
Somehow I was suddenly in a forest and it was snowing. There was a white wolf that spotted me despite me trying to take cover in the snow.
For some random reason I thought to myself that it must have spotted me since I killed too many people earlier. (?_? affected on my presence somehow)
We both started charging at each other and somehow I had a crossbow that I shot at the wolf. We were on top of a wall of some sort at that point (change of scenery).
The arrow hit the wolf and it exploded.
From there I cant remember anything.
That moment when your dream can turn into an awesome movie idea.