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Thread: Amnesia: Peiraprigond

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    Amnesia: Peiraprigond

    You are on vacation in the south of France, invited by an old friend who settled there a few year ago. Not far from the village stills stand the ruins of a very old castle, set on top of a massive rocky spur. Not much remains of the ancient fortress but a few collapsed walls already erroded by time. Yet you've decided to give it a closer look, after all the view from the top of that mountain would be breathtaking by itself. You are there, wandering amongst these old stones, when the rain starts pouring down. You are looking for some shelter, when suddenly...

    I've been working on this Custom story for a whole year, on my spare time. Please try out my custom story and share it, I've put my sleepless guts in it.I'm French but rather fluent in English and I had the texts corrected, so there should'nt be too many mistakes.Please do not hesitate to give me feedback about what you liked/disliked in my story or if you're stuck at some point and don't forget to rate and review when you've completed the mod.




    Instils fear through a tense and stressful environment
    Badass Level Design
    No irrelevant jumpscares.
    Complex backgound story, embedded in a strong historical context.
    Many notes (hope you like to read: I like to write)
    Many puzzles to solve.
    3-5hours of gameplay (depending on you pace/wits/choices)
    10 maps from medium to huge, over 40 rooms.
    3 alternative endings depending on the choices you make.
    Best played in the dark, with low gamma and headphones, alone and obviously turn off the useless hints.
    Only available in English version.


    ps: This is a mod that require Justine patch, this goes in custom_stories folder. (C:\Program Files (x86)\Amnesia - The Dark Descent\redist\custom_stories for example)

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