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Fiverr's not too bad, i've made some money off of there too doing some simple 3D stuff, that was until well... people that would do a $30/hr job came to fiverr and was doing a $200 job for $5 bucks, so naturally that went out but it was good pickings while it lasted. Did I make much? an alright amount, the 3D models i put out was just things I could make in 45minutes or or less.

The people that I speak of are those from places like Africa or India where there isn't much of a way to make money, however these guys really really know their stuff and it's a way to make some money since they really don't have any other way of doing it. But yeah if anyone has any unique skills, this is a great website to use.

I mainly use 3D exchange and Turbosquid for my 3D works.
Yeah, I see what you mean. Luckily I do Norwegian to English/English to Norwegian translations, so no Asian or African can come take my job :P
Everything is a lot cheaper in Africa and India too, so $5 is a lot for them.

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I guess it's time to use my french and japanese o/
French and Japanese are languages that the customers want, so you could go far with that.