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Thread: [XBOX 360] Float Poker v1.0.0 | Download + Source

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    [XBOX 360] Float Poker v1.0.0 | Download + Source

    Hey EMUDevs sorry I haven't been active lately. Computer crashed on me and it took me forever to find this site again.

    Here's Pictures of The Program:

    - Must have a RGH/JTAG/Devkit
    - Brain
    - Le Computeh
    - Internet Connection

    This was made by me. This is an RPC, I am updating it to add RTE shnuff in their. I have already converted it to JRPC.

    Download Program: [Link Removed]

    Download Source: [Link Removed]

    Download GTA V Floats: [Link Removed]

    Download Tested Floats: [Link Removed]

    Virus Scan
    [Link Removed]

    Sorry about all the adfly links, I need the cash right now.

    Video of Float Poking in GTA V

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