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Thread: I need Help with idea.

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    Unhappy I need Help with idea.

    Hello all Emu Devs people i am abit stuck i love 255 Realms but i am Out of Idea..
    I did read that all people that got 255 realms say they are un balancede.

    i did like unforgiven i dont wanna use that since = Fails and people dont gonna play there
    I was more thinking use blizzard own items upgrade the stats.

    then items are balancede.

    the problem is that i am lost i need some help from you people to say Something

    like make levelroad or do not make levelroad
    or about items use blizzard's own or make my own What about balance all that;( i dont wanna fail at the start

    sry for bad eng

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    Honestly, I really dislike 255 realms because as you say yourself they are unbalanced. If I were forced to start a 255 realm I'd probably use some existing zones and just increase the the overall stats of the mobs in those zones and increase the xp gained so you could kill those mobs up to 255, ofc this would be in a number of zones and not just one. You can also create mobs for the higher levels and put them whereever, leveling roads is also a possibility.

    With the items I would probably just increase their stats but still blizzlike, it wouldnt be a stupid number like 15125251dps but I'd try balancing it as if it was made by blizzard. You could make your own items or just modify existing ones.

    FYI, most servers fail. It's only a handfull of servers that make it so don't get your hopes up.

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    Honestly, 255 servers aren't the way to go. You have to recalculate stats and formulas and also with the server being buggy on the side considering you're over level 100. Like X said, I would use existing zones for leveling, as well as existing dungeons -- just increase the health/level of the mobs and that would be fine. I played on a server like that years ago, was pretty fun as I remembered it. Blizzard actually has a formula they use to balance out their items, but I can't remember where I read that from. 255 servers might be more difficult to balance out considering that's a lot of levels to secure.

    Making a leveling road would be pointless because those are so boring because all you do is kill mobs until you level up. There's nothing more pointless than a leveling road on any server at any level.

    You aren't out of ideas, keep thinking and you will come up with something better than a 255 server. If you're more worried about balancing items rather than looking at how buggy a 255 server would be, then that's kinda bad. Keep trying and maybe you will have more ideas. I'd give you more ideas, but I'm dead. :3

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    Honestly, I wouldn't make a 255 server just from the pure fact that I dislike them and they aren't very popular. They tend to be boring.
    However, if I was forced to make one, I would most likely not have a leveling road. Leveling roads for 255 servers are very boring, unless you can make it variate it. Like not use the same zone for all the levels with the same creatures...

    I think the way to go is to make a server with custom models. Like custom mounts, gear and maybe even a race if you bother. You could either make those models yourself and texture them, or pay someone else to do it. Maybe even custom dueling zones or something.

    I would really advise to stay away from 255 servers, but if you want to make one, then I wont stop ya.
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