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Thread: Rules Updated 8/19/2013 (2013/8/19)

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    Rules Updated 8/19/2013 (2013/8/19)

    The site rules has been updated!

    Main Changes:
    • Color was changed for better reading
    • Bold was taken out, was kinda hard to read when it was bold.
    • Member Hub rules updated
    • World of Warcraft Emulation rules updated
    • Replaced Emulation Hub with World of Warcraft Emulation
    • Site information rules updated
    • Console Emulation rules added

    Specific changes are below:

    Site Information

    1. Respect the information we give out.
    2. General Support section is only support related to general issue. This relates to site support or any other type of support that isn't emulation specific.
    3. Do not ask for help in the Announcements and Events sections.

    Member Hub

    1. Do not ask for help in this category's sections and sub-forums.
    2. Gaming Discussion -> PC Games: Do not post torrents and links that directs to adfly, or any links related to such.
    3. Recruitment Section: NO site or forum links, NO private server advertisements (server's website link, twitters, FB, etc.) and NO content that isn't related to emulation. If failed to obey, it is a risk of a ban.
    4. Graphics Section: NO porn allowed. This includes images (obviously)
    5. Media & Entertainment Section: NO porn videos allowed.
    6. Emulation Section: This section pertains to any emulation. Do not ask for support in this section.

    World of Warcraft Emulation

    1. TrinityCore, ArcEmu, Eluna and Other is World of Warcraft Emulation. Keep it that way.
    2. Do not ask for help in this category's sub-forums, other than the Support sections.

    Console Emulation

    1. This section does not relate to World of Warcraft emulation. Post WoW emulation related threads in the World of Warcraft Emulation category.
    2. Do not ask for help in this category's sub-forums, other than the Support sections.

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