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Forum Rules
General Rules
Section: 1A

General Rules
  1. Selling, Trading or anything regarding a Market isn't allowed. If you don't see a Marketplace or no sections related to selling, trading, (etc) then don't post a thread. Also, do not make these kinds of threads in other irrelevant sections.
  2. All posts must be written in English.
  3. Disable EmuDevs on your AdBlock.
  4. Create threads in the correct sections.
  5. Respect staff and other members that are supporting you despite what you think about them or their helpful posts.
  6. If someone goes out of their way to help you, do not start unnecessary drama.
  7. Refrain from using profanity.
  8. Refrain from telling a member that they are releasing already known content, I'm sure they already know. If they are not giving credits to the original owner, report it.
  9. Links are allowed as long as they are in [code] bbcode and aren't wrapped in URL tags & if the link(s) are relevant to your discussion. Censored sites aren't allowed, period (other emulation sites for example). Lastly, do not wrap url tags around images. Ignoring this rule will result in a warning or permanent ban. Exception: Donators via Server Recruitment and Advertisement section.
  10. You can reply to a member negatively, as long as it is constructive and doesn't insult the member.
  11. If we feel your thread or post is damaging to our SEO or creating certain site backlinks, we have the right to delete, edit or trash it immediately.
  12. We aren't responsible for FusionCMS related support or question threads. Contact the developers. Any FusionCMS threads made will be moved to trash or closed.
  13. When a staff member or member of EmuDevs replies to your post giving constructive CC, advice or is generally judging your comment with accurate wording and isn't insulting you at all, don't argue with the said staff member or member. This will result in a warning and/or ban.
  14. When you get an infraction or if you get in trouble, don't go about the forum posting against staff saying they were wrong and shouldn't have done whatever. Just because you didn't get your way, doesn't mean your way was right. Stop whining. Staff ruling is final. We do not give false bans or infractions. If you break the rules, we'll know it. You accepted the rules, go read them. If you're still persistent in not obeying our judgement calls, this will result in a ban.
  15. Staff opinions or statements referring to your post(s) are justified. Don't try and argue with staff, when clearly we haven't insulted you in any way.
  16. When your posts are moved to the trash (posts are never deleted) don't whine because your posts were moved. Us staff moved them (or it) because it wasn't rule worthy, or you're whining as pointed out in the rule above. This will result in a warning and/or ban.
  17. If you get in trouble or if your posts were removed all together (along to the rules above), don't come on the chatbox and start bitching. You will be banned from the Chatbox OR if failed to obey this will result in a ban. (both forum/chatbox)
  18. If you're being condescending, don't be. We won't tolerate you telling Staff or any other member what to do.
  19. If you you start deleting your posts, editing your threads (removing content), posting against staff (anywhere) for no reason (or if you're mad), this will result in a ban. This has happened a couple of times and it is utterly annoying to see the true side of people.
  20. Any kind of advertising or promoting is not allowed, however see Section 1A, Rule#9 for linking. If you don't see a section for advertising, it is obvious that it isn't allowed. Ignoring this rule will result in a warning or permanent ban. Exception: Donators can advertise
  21. Recruitment and Server Advertising threads are not allowed. Exception: Donators can advertise/recruit
  22. Necroing is allowed on EmuDevs. Bump old threads, who cares. However, if you ever need support or want to ask a question always make a new thread.
  23. Do not register just to advertise and neglect the rules. THIS IS AN INSTANT BAN!

Section: 1B

Section: 1C

General 'Do Not' Rules
  1. Do not flame or insult other members or staff. This will result in a permanent ban.
  2. Do not troll. Period.
  3. Do not excessively harass other members.
  4. Do not start drama.
  5. Do not create new accounts if you already have one. It will be banned if found.
  6. Do not be condescending towards staff or members.
  7. Do not come here to threaten other people, you will be banned instantly.
  8. Do not copy any member releases (or other) and post the contents on another website unless you have consent from the said creator. It is only appropriate for an EmuDevs member to distribute their own content, and not someone else that does not have permission to do so. We are also going to start enforcing people doing that on EmuDevs too. If we find out you're still doing this without getting consent you will be banned.
  9. Do not tell staff how to run and manage their content. (Includes repacks, scripts, etc)
  10. Do not argue with staff.
  11. Do not join the Nomsoft Teamspeak to discuss anything about EmuDevs, it is not related. Do not loiter on the server just to message EmuDevs staff. Do not advertise on TeamSpeak.
  12. Do not post on EmuDevs OR Nomsoft's, basically ANY of our Twitter and Facebook pages (includes PMs too) or our Teamspeak just because you want an issue solved. Create a new thread and it will get solved when we get to it. If you fail to listen you'll be told to go to EmuDevs. Use common sense to know where to ask questions or ask for support in general.
  13. Do not tell us staff when to 'close' or 'solve' a thread. We will do it when we see the need to do so.
  14. Do not give your Skype out for you to help members, suggest them to PM, use any other social program, or overall any kind of off-site help. This ruins our SEO. This goes for helping or receiving help. If they(you) made a support thread on EmuDevs the contents of help replies need to stay on EmuDevs. Lastly, we also don't tolerate members offering money for help as you cannot buy help on ED, it is free. If you're caught doing this you will receive a warning and/or permanent ban.
  15. Do not suggest that someone should go to another forum to post their support questions or other content on. If they made their own thread on another forum by their own choice it isn't frowned upon. If you are caught doing this you will receive one warning ONLY and afterwards a ban if you do it again.
  16. Do not ask for donations. EmuDevs is not the place for that and never will be.
  17. Do not make a release thread in any of our release forums showing what you made and then telling people to add you on Skype to obtain the release contents. EmuDevs does not work like that, and all content released on EmuDevs is free and shouldn't hold any catches to obtain the release contents.

Section: 1D

General 'Do Not' thread/post related Rules
  1. Do not excessively create the same threads throughout the forum. This also goes for making duplicate threads in the same or any forum. This will result in a warning and eventually ban if disobeyed.
  2. Do not reply to a thread if you're going to generally insult a member. This will result in a ban.
  3. Do not create threads about members being banned. PM a staff member if you want to express an opinion and discuss the ban.
  4. Do not create threads related to the staff. Please PM the staff if you need help.
  5. Do not post nulled content.
  6. Do not send a link that directs to ad-fly or any other related sites. We want our members to receive everything they want without the need to go through such nonsense.
  7. Do not steal other peoples work.
  8. Do not claim a release as your own.
  9. Do not share content without giving proper credits to the original creator.
  10. Do not excessively reply to other members threads if they are sharing content from other sites. If they gave credits it is quite fine.
  11. Do not create threads that might cause post or point farming.
  12. Do not randomly post memes towards another post.
  13. Do not create threads knowing you won't get positive replies.
  14. Do not create threads if you can't handle constructive replies that doesn't insult you.
  15. Do not post download links to any personal or non-file hosting related website other than the suggested upload sites found below.
  16. Do not use a pointless website or link a download for only source code. Either put it on a paste site or in code tags on EmuDevs. No exceptions.
  17. Do not link to any other emulation related websites as this may harm our SEO. If a word, name, etc has been censored out they aren't allowed, period. If any external information is required in a thread, read this rule: Section 1A, Rule#9.
  18. Do not post on a thread just to tell someone you can do better. This will result in a warning and possible ban if disobeyed.
  19. Do not post requests. We don't have a mass member request section for a reason. People don't do the requests, the requester is too lazy to do it themselves or the requester asks for too much. Exception is only made for the Graphics -> Request section.
  20. Do not create duplicated threads of the same topic. Edit your existing thread information instead of making an entirely new thread.
  21. Do not post pornography images or link sites that may contain pornography. This will result in a warning and possible ban if disobeyed.
  22. Do not bump threads unless your last bump was one day old or longer.
  23. Do not double post unless you have a good reason to (i.e. talking with staff, script related content) or if your last post was one day old or longer. Else, edit your existing post.
  24. Do not edit your support posts if you are going to delete all of its contents, code, or usable data that can be useful for someone else. This screws with SEO and potentially ruins members & guests experience when trying to solve the same issue for themselves. This will result in one warning and afterwards, a ban. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Section: 1E

General Scam Rules
  1. EmuDevs isn't associated with members being scammed, hacked, ddos, etc.
  2. Scamming isn't tolerated, especially if you scammed money. This will result in a permanent ban.

Section: 2A

Not Recommended Upload/Paste Sites
  1. filebeam.com, Reason: The site contains malicious software.
  2. uploading.com, Reason: Unsafe
  3. mediafire.com, Reason: Inappropriate ad content (18+) and inappropriate amount of ads

Recommended Upload/Paste Sites

File Upload Sites:
  1. GitHub
  2. Bitbucket
  3. Google Code
  4. GE.TT Sharing
  5. Mega.co.nz

Image Upload Sites:
  1. Imgur
  2. Minus
  3. Tinypic
  4. ImageShack

Paste Sites:
  1. Pastebin
  2. Paste2
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

 I have read, and agree to abide by the EmuDevs rules.