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I need help with an old or big project, will you help me update it?

NOTE: This FAQ item goes for all types of projects (emulation, coding, etc).

Most likely not. It mainly depends on how OLD and how big this said project is. There's questions left unanswered when these questions appear, like:
  • Did this project require a patch?
  • How "old" is the source of the project?
  • Are you sure this project didn't move somewhere else and is receiving updates there instead?
Major concerns when implementing random third party projects
There are concerns you should take into consideration. These projects you or other people find are most likely poorly coded, very outdated (no longer being updated), require too many source edits (patches), have too many bugs or generally is too big of a project for others to help with. It is NOT recommended to implement these projects in your source. Advice: If you see a project and it is very old, or requires too much, leave it alone. Some people just download and install without knowing anything and later ask for a ton of help. Though, it isn't always the people who download the project and try to install it. It can always be the person who made the said project. Amateurs or people who don't update their projects, down to not helping people that use their project(s) which can create a lot of support on certain websites.

Recommended Projects
We recommend and will most definitely help users if they have/find projects that are always being updated, created by known teams/other, and the code is very decent/optimized. Old or big/somewhat big projects like Arena Spectator, haste patch, Guild vs Guild, Crossfaction BG are typical projects that we may not help you with and aren't always recommended to implement.

Typically if a project requires a patch, it is very old, and no longer receive updates we will not help. Not knowing what source revision the project is for it might be near impossible or take too much time to update or fix anything. If someone has an updated version of the project they can help you or you could probably have someone make you a new and even better project than what you find publicly available. Otherwise, our advice would be to leave the old or big/somewhat big projects alone and let them die.

Q: What is considered an old project?
A: Very outdated projects that aren't receiving updates or are very inconsistent with official emulator/other sources.

Q: What are some reasons for me to not install project(s) to my source?
A: Projects that haven't received updates, unknown project creator or terribly coded. If any of these projects are on github you can try to make an issue on their issue tracker to see if they'll update their project. If anything is made by EmuDevs staff/members and is EmuDevs approved you can always ask us to update anything or use our projects.

Q: My support thread (related to wanting help with a very old project) hasn't received any replies, why?
A: Read everything above.

I had to make a new account, was my old account deleted?

No, your account was not deleted. Below are reasons and answers as to why accounts may seem deleted.

Accounts may seem deleted when
  • We're forced to do a rollback. When we do a rollback and you registered AFTER the date of our backup(s) then your account will not have existed because you registered after the fact. For example: If we have a backup from June 20th and you registered on June 21st & if we did a rollback then your account will not exist because it isn't saved.
To lift confusion on this matter, we do NOT delete accounts for any reason. And those reasons may be:
  • Accounts are not deleted due to inactivity. We would never ruin our population like that.
  • Accounts are not deleted if they are banned.
  • Lastly, accounts aren't deleted for any reason(s) or specific reason(s).

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How come I'm getting Access Denied after starting MySQL?

If you're getting Access Denied for user USER@localhost (using password: NO) start CMD, go into your MySQL root folder and type mysql -u root -p and provide the user with a password.

How come my MySQL won't start?

  • Make sure MySQL isn't already running by starting your Task Manager and finding the process.
  • Make sure you don't have another application running on port 3306.
  • Make sure you have the correct MySQL version.

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