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arcemu database editor
Originally posted by _IKESTER_ on Mon 11 Jan 2010

Its easy to use and It can do the Following:

Npc Creator
Item Creator
Quest Creator
Items Page Editor
Weather Editor
Npc and Quest Connector
Vendor Editor
Loot Editor

Just Use this download link below to get it:

Filebeam - http://filebeam.com/dbdbf9a8c2a488aa9cc771c1d8a1ade1

Download it then put it in a certain folder. Any will do.

Then hit "FlexibleDBEditor.exe" and It will take you to A page that says Host, Port, Username, Password, Database!

Put this info in:

host: localhost
Port: 3306
Username: root
Password: ascent
Database: ascent

Make sure Your Sql.bat has been started.(you can do that with the Control panel!)

Now It should take you to a page That ahs a lot of stuff you can use.

Just put in the info of what you want a npc to be then hit update and it will say (Whatever you used) has been Created!

Then Go back into your server type this in:

.server reloadtable creature_names

.server reloadtable creature_proto

if you made a custom item MAKE SURE ITS UNDER 5 DIGETS LONG!!!

Use this if you made a custom item:

.server reloadtable items

And Spawn or Add the Thing you created and its there.


Flex - arcemu.org
Whoever created the Old Database Editor

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0/10 no screenies.

Download the program and take screenshots to add here. >.>

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Thanks for the share I`m sure someone will find this usefull.

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