View Full Version : Dead Rising 3

07-21-2013, 01:42 AM

In this video the developers are talking about how awesome Dead Rising 3 is. It is very awesome in this Youtube video how they explain this game!

What are your thoughts on Dead Rising 3? I generally love how this map is bigger than the other Dead Rising maps put together, I also enjoy how zombies are now smarter, learning how to shoot weapons, reacting to sound and going to a flare or lights of any kind. This Dead Rising is going to be the mother of them all! I beat all of them, now I will have to play this one.

New weapons, new combinations and new ways to kill zombies. Vehicle system looks a bit better in this one than it did in the others, which I did enjoy riding the Humvee in Dead Rising 2 around the strip. Anyway, I would enjoy reading about what you guys have to say!