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10-11-2016, 01:18 PM
Hey all, after about 2 months of working on my project and not using Eluna, I have realized that, I would like to implement Eluna into my core that runs on SunwellCore. How would I start my manually adding Eluna to my core. I've read threads that there's many core edits that differentiate Eluna Trinity from official Trinity and I would like to request the for the source of Eluna that I can use to manually add it, or like a .patch or .diff if that exists.


10-11-2016, 03:07 PM
Here you go:
https://github.com/ElunaLuaEngine/ElunaTrinityWotlk/compare/4ec50ecec5ec04c82a8efe189ca11389f74608af...b5299d2 76c1a1ab815a44b2d74aba83fe951788c.diff

Notice that this is a diff between elunatrinitywotlk and the real TC. It contains the lua lib as well, which makes it huge.
I have been considering to use submodules for the lualib as well to keep the diffs smaller and more readable.

It also does not contain the Eluna repository https://github.com/ElunaLuaEngine/Eluna
which you will need in your source folders.

10-11-2016, 05:07 PM
Holy shit lol thanks Rochet2. Time to blast music and add this diff in. Update coming soon...

10-12-2016, 12:01 AM
After about a good 5-7 hours doing this, it seems that the SunwellCore has way too many changes examples being: totally rewritten .cpp/.c scripts in the src/database/ which are not even in the SWC. I personally don't mind having a member of my team rewriting LUA scripts into C++. It's too many changes that my team and I don't have the time for, however, I would like to thank Rochet for providing the .diff script. Much thanks to him :^^)