View Full Version : TrinityCore Flood protection seem to not be working

08-29-2016, 10:38 PM
# ChatFlood.MessageCount
# Description: Chat flood protection, number of messages before player gets muted.
# Default: 10 - (Enabled)
# 0 - (Disabled)

ChatFlood.MessageCount = 5

# ChatFlood.MessageDelay
# Description: Time (in seconds) between messages to be counted into ChatFlood.MessageCount.
# Default: 1

ChatFlood.MessageDelay = 2

# ChatFlood.MuteTime
# Description: Time (in seconds) characters get muted for violating ChatFlood.MessageCount.
# Default: 10

ChatFlood.MuteTime = 60

this are my settings wen't ingame used the following script and it didn't mute the player (tested on both GM/NonGM chars)

/script t=0;z=10;CreateFrame("frame"):SetScript("OnUpdate", function(s,e) if t>1 then for i=0,2500 do SendAddonMessage("_G","","WHISPER","CharName")end;if z>1 then t=0 else z=z-1 end elseif z>1 then t=t+e end end)

then used the following script same result no mute

/script for i=1,2500 do SendChatMessage(i ,"WHISPER" ,"COMMON" ,"CharNAme"); end;

then just wen't ingame on my char and spammed the chat and again no mute ... any ideea where is this handled in core and how to fix it ? my core is from 2014.

09-04-2016, 12:56 PM
Just update your core

09-05-2016, 08:42 PM
Just update your core

that's not what i was looking for , i've been searching trough trinity newest repositories and couldn't find a change related to flood protection and my core is edited extremly much if i update it i'll loose lots of edits