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08-12-2016, 12:20 AM
I have been hosting my server my self for a few years now.
Recently I changed from cable to dsl as a service provider.
I haven't changed anything on the server pc other than the ip address in auth.realmlist.address to my new static ip provided by my dsl supplier.

I am using canyouseeme.org to test my ports open/error.

os:Win7 x64
host file has been updated to new ip with new perm .com address www.blackwolfsden.com

with apache running I can test port 80 3x in a row and it passes every time.
I shutdown apache and re-test port 80 3x and it fails every time.
I restart apache and port 80 will pass test fine again.

If I go to my server's local ip address I can interact with the website and login to the game server just fine.

But if I try to navigate to the website via the external ip or .com address I don't get anything . I cannot connect to the game server nor will I see the website.

ports forwarded tcp/udp to internal ip via dsl all-in-one Zyxcel modem/hub:
80, 443, 3306, 3724, 1119-1124, 6112-6117, 8085-8089, 7878-7882, 3443-3447, 6881-6886.

08-12-2016, 05:08 AM
Is it possible that your new ISP is using Dual Stack Lite? If yes, you don't have a public IPv4 address. All your IPv4 packets will be wrapped into a IPv6 packet by your ISP. And without a public IPv4 address you can't access your local network via IPv4.
I had the same problem when i changed my ISP. I've called the support of my ISP, asked for a "technology guy" instead of normal support and told him that i need a public IPv4, because i'm often need it for many online games and because i'm developing multiple server applications which i need to run via IPv4 too.

08-12-2016, 10:36 PM
Tnx Kaev talked to my isp tech department to have them verify my ip is a public ipv4 and they said it is.
so I explained what was happening and they double checked my settings to verify everything is open and nothing is blocking it .
He verified it as a public ipv4 but was having a heck of a time trying to get my modem to respond to him. so they think its a modem problem and are R/A'ing me a new modem :D

So I will leave this open until I receive the new Modem and set it up.
Then it theoretically start responding to outside connections :D and I should be able to call this solved lol

08-18-2016, 12:21 AM
ok received the new modem yesterday.
saved my config from my current modem/hub then loaded my custom config into my new modem.
I navigate to the local ip address of the server and I can see my web page and login and do stuff.
I can login to my game server just fine using its local ip address.
But if I use the blackwolfsden.com address to access the web page, all I see is `This page can't be displayed`.
If I try to navigate to the webpage using the static ipv4 address I get the same thing `This page can't be displayed`.

lol i'm thinking its something stupid I overlooked on my end.

I also did go thru and verify Apache,sql,auth and world are approved in the firewall.