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07-29-2016, 12:22 AM
Giant "V4 - Complete" Update released today[7/29/16], please read entire thread before asking any questions!
JunkyBulgaria's Blizzlike/Fun 3.3.5a PvP/PvE Repack
Why should you choose my repack?
- It is based on (TrinityCore, MythCore, SunwellCore) and over 500 my own commits with 8 year old git history.
Is it stable enough?
- It just made 15 days uptime on my dedicated server.
Is it really worth?
- Definitely yes! All the pve/pvp content is working perfectly without any issues, same as database/SAI releated stuff.
If i want a custom script in it would you apply it?
- Yes, i will, just reply to the thread with a link to the script. [EXCEPT ELUNA, i dont like lua so that's not going to happen]
Are there any limits?
- Yes there are, maximum 30 players are allowed to be online at the same time, if count is higher than 30 it will simply crash because it is not meant to be used for private/public servers so i dont take responsibility for them. The limit can be lifted if you plan on purchasing the repack/source.

Be warned that this is NOT a fresh TrinityCore and it won't be. I will try to explain as much as possible what works and what not. This is (if not) the best free 3.3.5 blizzlike repack ever made. It is suitable for a PvP (with it's custom scripts) realm same as for PvE/Blizzlike with the fixes i've done on the entire world. The repack is ready to be started (including apache, MySQL and VMaps,Maps,DBC) MMaps are optional(use them for better blizzlike experience)
- Decompressed size is 3.00GB

World Events

Hallow's End - 100% working. Fixed in V2
Day of the Dead - 100% working. (NPC Spawns, Achievement from Katalina when you dance with her)
Pilgrim - 100% working.
Winter Veil - 100% working. Fixed in V2
Lunar Festival - 100% working. Fixed in V2
Love Festival - 100% working.
Noblegarden - 100% working.
Children's Week - 100% working. Fixed in V2
Midsummer Fire Festival - 100% working.
Brewfest - 100% working.

PvP Content

Blade's Edge Arena - working
Nagrand Arena - working
Ruins of Lordaeron - working
The Ring of Valor - 100% working (Pillar switch, LoS, Elevators)
The Dalaran Arena - 100% working (Waterfall, Waterfall's LoS, underground falling)

Warsong Gulch - working
Arathi Basin - working
Eye of the Storm - working
Alterac Valley - working
Strand of the Ancients - working
Isle of Conquest - working (couple achievements left to be done)

PvE Content / Vanilla,TBC

All dungeons are open and working.
All raids are open and working.

WoTLK PvE Content

Utgarde Keep - working
Utgarde Pinnacle - working
Ahn'Kahet - The Old Kingdom - working
Azjol-Nerub - working
Drak'Tharon Keep - working
The Nexus - working
The Oculus - 100% working
The Violet Hold - working
Gundrak - working
Halls of Stone - working
Halls of Lightning - working
Trial of the Champion - 100% working (Mounts, Events, Achievements, Texts...)
The Culling of Stratholme - 100% working (v4)
Forge of Souls - working
Pit of Saron - working (v4)
Halls of Reflection - 100% working (v4) on both factions.
Eye of Eternity - working
Naxxramas - Fully available and working
The Obsidian Sanctum - Fully available and working
Vault of Archavon - Fully(4/4) available and working
Onyxia's Lair - Fully available and working
Ulduar - Fully(14/14) available and working (v4)
Trial of the Crusader - Fully(7/7) available and working
Icecrown Citadel - Fully available and working (v4) - including pre-events at Professor Putricide, Sindragosa's tomb ward, spiders coming down on their web and so on..
Ruby Sanctum - 100% working (v4)

Custom Content

- Duel CD Reset
- Arena Spectator (without any bugs)
- Beastmaster
- 1v1 Rated/Skirmish arenas
- Enchanter
- Free i80 premade characters for new accounts(3 npc's in total)
- One-click class trainer
- Profession Giver
- Reforger - Credits to Rochet
- Teleporter - Credits to Rochet
- Titlegiver[Requires Apexis Crystals - http://www.wowhead.com/item=32569/apexis-shard
- Transmogrification (Gear/Enchants) - Credits to Rochet and me.
- Custom Arena rating requirements for 1v1
- 1v1 Rated Arenas
- 1v1 Skirmish Arenas
- 3v3 Skirmish Arenas
- 10v10 Skirmish Arenas
- Item Requester
- Arena Premade Start
- Transmogrification for items
- Transmogrification for enchants (v4)
- Vanilla-style PvP Titles (OnKill hook)
- Passive Anticheat(hardly modified) - Credits to Manuel
- Opcode flood protection for both Auth/World servers and to all opcodes.
- Custom NPC Displays (c) Rochet2 [V4]
- Arena Tournament's i80 boost npc [V4]
- Arena Anti Draw [V4]
- Account-wide Mounts [V4]
- Multivendor [V4]
- Custom account control (players can't log with more than X accounts) - prevents multiboxers [V4]
- Fake Players [V4]
- Custom Rates /too long to describe, check worldserver.conf/ [V4]
- AHBot [V4]
- Custom Spell Regulations /modify spell damage or healing/ [V4]

Premium Account System /VIPS/ - V4

- [Done] Custom char names (Example: FALL1N)
- [Done] Custom player chat color icons and other cool stuff from the hysteria-chat addon
- [Future] Buffs on login
- [Done] increased honor gain
- [Done] increased xp gain
- [Done] increased gold gain
- [Done] increased reputation gain
- [Future] increased loot gain
- [Done] increased arena pts
- [Done] Crafting/Gatherin Skills
- [Done] maxskills
- [Done] instant logout
- [Done] Instant Fly
- [Future] Instant Zeppelin
- [Future] Hearthstone Cooldown
- [Done] Free flight paths for premiums
- [Done] Custom Mount ID for VIPs when using flight taxi

Jeutie - for the great portable MySQL server.
Rochet - for the Transmogrification, Reforging and NPC Displays scripts.
TrinityCore devs - for the great emulator.
MythCore devs - for the great fixes.
SunwellCore devs - for the great fixes.

Before you download keep in mind that ALL the custom scripts are disabled by default (you can enable them from worldserver.conf)

Download: here (https://mega.nz/#!I5QSGSiC!weDYVf7gVJUbWggv0Kd7cYT7POyKAgR8hpb_meY _z2o)!

In order to run the x64 bit version you need these two libraries installed on your machine:
This> http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=15336
This> https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784
After you install them, restart and launch the repack again.

Planned features for v5:
+ Voice Chat
+ Apache and FusionCMS premade and installed.

07-29-2016, 12:39 AM
Do not ask for donations. EmuDevs is not the place for that and never will be.

Section: 1C, Rule#16

Since you are a new member I won't hold it against you, but read through the rules more carefully. Thanks for the share nonetheless.

08-21-2016, 11:13 AM
I would buy the source to unlock the 30- player maximum .