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07-27-2016, 06:31 PM
Hello, guys, i've been playing enough of pre-legion patch 7.0 to form opinion about it.
In this thread i'm also would like to ask your opinion/experience about it maybe you played in alpha/beta legion and have what to say.
So lets begin.

Everything changed, i'm and old wow player in year like ( 6 or 7 ) and i had to learn my favorite classes from scratch (Rogue, Shaman, Dk). Every class seems fresh and fun to play especially the rogues with new spec. and yes, now specs matters, they feel unique and new.

Damn, blizzard did well here, they changed every attack/spell animation in game, it feels more smooth and enjoyable, also i noticed that they changed sounds, every class has their own auto attack sound (at least for melee).

Blizzard, i hate you, they overhyped us with new prestige system , honor talents... but it feels shit when you join bg / arena and have flat predefined stats... rly? i'm playing PvP only, so why some "newbies" have nearly same stats with 10x worse gear? ye the gear doesn't matter anymore in game that much, now we have scaling that scales all stats to be pretty much equal, not like it was in wod, when your item stats were scaling on your Item Level.
And yes, humans racial got nerfed, every class now have free immobilize removal, now you can choose class not on racial but on other factors , on look i guess?

Gear has less of an impact in PvP. Beyond a certain item level, you get drastically diminished returns from item level. For example, the best raider in the game might have a 7% advantage in PvP over a fresh lvl 110.

Thank you blizzard for removing last piece of feeling unique in game.

PvP gear is receiving some changes. It will no longer have unique stats like Dual Item Level, Resilience. There are no PvP specific sets.

Ui / Transmog updates.
Damn i love it, the new ui feels so smooth and fresh ! blizzard finally made it, now we don't need tons of addons to make our UI comfortable , easier to track buffs /debufs etc. now everything is included by blizzard client.
Transmog, guys this is pure gold... Now you don't have to keep all your xmog items in banks / bags, you can simply go to xmog npc and transmog your item slot to any item you ever Had in game, that includes random weapon enchant visuals, quest rewards, bosses drops - this feature call collection.

Can't say more about legion right now still hope to get beta access in last month...

Well in conclusion - Blizzard did well this time, there are few things that i don't like but still we need changes, and these changes are great. the world feels more live, smooth and new. i feel like i'm playing new game but i know everything about it at the same time, kinda cool feeling.
For now, i'm highly recommend for people that left in WOD give it a try, i don't know yet a lot about Legion content but they promised us and beta / alpha videos shows us that this time there was no "content cut" or at least minor things that will be added later in patches.

If you have something to say ? Share it . would love to discus with anyone about pre patch of legion.

Best regards, Vitrex.

07-27-2016, 06:48 PM
I've been meaning to play it but I haven't yet. I already know all the changes so not much excitement for me. However, I will agree that PvP is terrible and was terrible starting at MoP. The gear isn't unique or anything. Right now it might seem based on skill, but I wish the gear had some impact. You might as well be naked when PvP'ing. Yes there's honor gear and conquest gear but they are so easy to earn it is insane. I feel like when you receive a big enough arena rating you should be able to purchase better PvP armor, but it is just transmog (as far as I've witnessed). I loved PvP back in the old days, but they've completely ruined it today and I don't think any updates to PvP will change the overall system. At that point in MoP I started doing PvE and stuck with it throughout all expansions now.

But yeah, Legion should be better than WoD disregarding PvP.

07-27-2016, 08:00 PM
well the item prices for mark of honor will go up since legion launch (they should) i hope so , lol.
They promised to remove oneshots, spend a bit of time creating one shot build with subtlety and assassination rogue , and managed to output that results.

Assassination - 514.000 damage in 10 seconds
Subtlety - 477.000 damage in 7 seconds

Don't forget that this made in pre-patch on a level 100 rogue with best pvp gear available at the moment. Versatility food and agility Flask.

Well haven't played PVE since lich king fall, but thinking to give it a shot in legion. i heard the pve wasn't so bad in wod tho.