View Full Version : TrinityCore 3.3.5 I'm gonna update MyDbcEditor

06-19-2016, 01:52 AM
I'm willing to update MyDbcEditor to fit people needs for major DBC files that often gets edited or is needed to apply changes on the server, such like Item.dbc
I've noticed that when you open up Item.dbc it automatically chooses the profile "AnimationData.dbc" instead of Item.dbc So just press "AnimationData.dbc" and choose "Item.dbc"

Put me to work!

Download link - CLICK ME (https://mega.nz/#!9woTDQhI!GRC3tKo5B8WDbDw5eYKghF1hudotX0A8NHyPWpH dq6s)
(Download link will get updated when i make changes and update the file)

How to update "MyDbcEditor"
1. Download the File.
2. Put the downloaded file "Profiles" into your MyDbcEditor folder and overwrite the old "Profiles".
3. Done.

Changes -